When Is It Ideal to Use a Caravan?

People use caravans for many different things. They are not just used as holiday homes for people who can’t afford to go abroad. This is a negative misconception by people who have probably never been in a caravan.

The caravan industry is booming at the moment and a lot more people are investing in caravans for different things. Caravans offer people a lot of choice and they can pick and choose features based on the price of the caravan.

Prices range from £1000 for the smallest and most basic caravan, to the price of a house for a modern caravan that can be equipped with all the latest technology.

Read on for some insight on what people use caravans for in their lives.

Holiday Homes

The most obvious one is the holiday home. Customers can rent caravans on holiday camps, or they can buy their own and pay land rental on the camps. When they buy them, they tend to go to the caravan a lot and it is almost like a second home to them.

They can also make an income on the caravan by renting it out during the times that they are not using the caravan. They can have a website and rent it themselves, or they can pay the camp a fee and they will deal with all the rentals for the owner. In the latter case, the camp will take a cut of the rental payment but it saves the owner a lot of hassle.


Construction company owners will hire caravans to house their staff in if they are working on a project away from their usual area. Some companies will even buy the caravans and just arrange for them to be moved from site to site.

They have a wider pick of workers if they pay for accommodation for workers. So, it benefits them a lot if they pay for the caravan and then just put the caravans on their construction site, that way they don’t have to pay for land rental.

Some constructions companies will hire the caravans and have them changed into other things. For example, static caravans can be made into offices or canteens and refreshment rooms for the workers.

Sometimes, a personal user will hire a caravan and house it on the property where their home is located because they are having renovations done on their house and they want a place to stay.


Some actors and actresses will hire or buy caravans to be used as their trailer when they are on a set. They will have state of the art caravans that almost look like a luxury home and they will have somewhere to rest and change between takes.

Some people will buy the caravan and have it moved between sets. They do this because they feel comfortable in the caravan that they have already. They can keep personal items in the caravan and they don’t have to worry about settling into premises that they are not comfortable in.

Alternative Homes

With the economy being the way that it is, a lot more people are turning to caravans as an affordable alternative to buying a house. They can get a state of the art caravan for half the cost of a modern home.

Plus they can live on a holiday camp with amenities and entertainment provided for them. They can only choose certain camps though because a lot of camps don’t allow residents to stay on camp for 12 months of the year.