Touring Caravan Safety Tips

Going for weekend breaks or holidays in a caravan can safe a lot of money in comparison to paying for hotels and eating out and since the credit crunch, more people are looking around to purchase a caravan for their recreation away from home.

Since there are a lot of newcomers to the caravan scene, it is always wise to look around for tips on how to ensure the safety of those venturing out for a holiday break in a caravan. Here are some basic steps that can be taken to maximise safety and security of the caravan.

The last thing anyone wants during a break in a caravan is leaving the caravan at risk from being stolen whilst you are out and about. There are security devices especially made for caravans. Some caravans may already have security devices installed, however for those that don’t, this should be something considered to prevent your caravan from being stolen.

Placing security stickers on a caravan can warn thieves that security devices are in place which can act as a deterrent when someone comes along to steal a caravan.

Wheel clamps and hitch locks are also basic devices which heighten the security of a caravan. When looking around for wheel clamps, you need to ensure that you buy the correct fit and are properly locked which also adds to the prevention of a caravan being stolen.

Towing a caravan is possibly the main area of safety when people are new to caravanning, so here are a few things to check before you take your caravan on the road.

First of all, you want to make sure you have a caravan which can be towed by your car. Ideally, people would check with their car manufacturer to determine what weight the car can safely pull. Pulling the correct weight can prevent numerous hazard possibilities such as road swaying and tipping, so before going on the open road, always ensure you have the correct car to caravan weight ratio.

You also want to make sure the breaks on the caravan are well maintained, so have a trained mechanic check the breaks on a caravan to ensure the safety of your trip. Remember also that when towing a caravan, your car will take longer to accelerate and stop. Ensure there is enough stopping distance between you and the car ahead since it will take a little longer than usual for your car to stop.

Placing heavy weights over the axel can also help to ensure the stability of the caravan whilst it is on the move, but take into account the weight allowance which your car can safely pull.

Other basic tips to maximise the safely of a caravan during the journey as well as when the caravan is static will include such things as installing a smoke detector and having a fire extinguisher.

When considering which caravan to purchase, have a list of things that you require for safety, and for the things that are not currently present, such as alarms, fire safety, you can purchase these accessories to maximise the safety of your caravan holiday or weekend break.