Caravan Accessories – 6 Tips to Making Your Trip Stress Free

Caravan accessories can compliment your purchase of your caravan or motorhome, and there are some basic accessories that will really help your journey to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Some of the main caravan accessories required are:

  1. A 240 volt 15 amps lead that is run through an earth leakage circuit breaker mounted inside the caravan or motorhome. A great addition because most of your appliances run through the one supply lead.
  2. Caravan or motorhome levellers are especially important if you are running 3 way fridges (gas, 12volt, 240volt ). Unlike domestic style fridges, some caravan fridges do not have a compressor. To ensure that the fridge works to peak performance the caravan or motorhome needs to be within 4 degrees of being level. However the Engel fridges, Waeco fridge and Vitrfrigo fridges to name a few do have compressors.
  3. Another small accessory that is sometimes forgotten but is important is the spirit level. This is used so that the caravan or motorhome is level, again making sure that your caravan fridges work at peak performance. These come in many different shapes and places for mounting, but the easiest place for it is near the jockey wheel. This enables quick adjustments with the jockey wheel or the wind down stands which are a standard item fitted to caravans.
  4. A large percentage of caravans come with a caravan shower and a toilet as well as full kitchen facilities. Normally two water tanks are installed, but often this is not enough to have more than two quick showers let alone water to drink. This is why you need to have the fresh drinking water hose that has been specifically designed for caravans. The benefit of this hose is if left in the sun for long periods of time it does not taint the water leaving that bitter taste nor leach toxins from garden type hoses which are often a cheap alternative. Along with the fresh water hose, a waste water hose which is flexible enough to fold and roll up is essential. The smooth bore (internal), allows the waste water to drain out and can be packed away without any water remaining in the pipe to start smelling or wetting other items in the boot.
  5. The couple mate is a great invention and is aptly named the marriage saver! This caravan accessory helps people reverse back onto the caravan without getting the wrong directions. This is fantastic also for people that travel alone when attempting to hitch up their caravan.
  6. Caravan towing mirrors are one of the most valuable caravan accessories available today. They are normally dependent on the vehicle towing the caravan, existing mirrors on the tow vehicle and personal preference. With the newer model tow vehicles that have spring loaded mirrors on the doors there was a tendency to cause problems in the early days as they would snap back on the car when a semi trailer went past in the opposite direction. They have since designed support arms which have just about stopped this. The new ratchet style caravan mirrors seems to be the most successful towing mirror to suit a wide variety of vehicles.

Having the right caravan accessories will make your touring life easier, it will reduce your stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle on the road that allows you to enjoy your journey even more without the difficulties many encounter.